Welcome to Havnnes Handelssted

Havnnes Handelssted is located on the southernmost edge of Uløya, in the middle of the Lyngenfjord. Described as one of Norway's most beautiful commercial places

We are located 420 km south of the Northern Cape and 630 km north of the Arctic Circle.

Here you can experience fantastic scenery, clean and clear air, and true North Norwegian living cultural history.

Stay with us


With us you will be staying well in our holiday homes with fantastic location on Nordreisa

Pleasant houses and apartments for accommodation. All accommodation units are equipped with well-equipped kitchens for self-catering. Barbecue is available.

Good beds for a good night's sleep are alpha and omega, and are therefore important to us.

The houses have wood burning (not the apartments) and firewood is available.

Activities for everyone around Lyngen, welcome to Nordreisa

Nord-Troms offers many exciting experiences for young and old.

Please take contact us with us and ask for offers that are right for you and your tour companion!

Everything happens within 1 region - namely Lyngenfjorden, and even though Lyngenfjorden is large, everything is affordable.


How to get to Havnnes by car. The ferry terminal is located in Rotsund in Nordreisa Municipality. About 200 km from the airport in Tromsø, about 200 km from the airport in Alta and about 200 km from the airport in Bardufoss.

Ferry route can be found here: MF Uløytind 


It is possible to travel by bus no. 150 and 160 from Tromsø and Alta.

Bus routes can be found here: Route 150 og Route 160