After Mor Lyng's death, the proprietary property was bought by the partnership "The Association for the Abolition of the Tenancy Service in Skjervø". As the tenants announced their interest in buying, they were able to buy the mills they put on at a very favorable price.

Johannes Holmboe Giæver, the first Giæver in Havnnes, established himself as a merchant here in 1868 under the firm of Johs. H. Giæver. He ran it big at Havnnes, not least in terms of fish turnover, and increased farm operations both in terms of herd and annual seed. His wife died in 1906. When in his old days he was hit by blows, sons Carl Holmboe Giæver and Thorvald Hoseth Giæver took over. The daughters Marie and Annie had already taken over the household in the main yard after their mother's death and continued with this until Thorvald H. Giæver and his wife Hanna, b. Aagaard, took over in 1931 after Jens Carl Giæver's death. 

Thorvald Hoseth Giæver, b 1877, spent his entire life working at Havnnes. He became co-owner in 1918 and sole owner in 1931. For 55 years he led Skjærvø Sparebank, which had its seat at Havnnes from 1900. His interests were all-encompassing and in 1947 he was awarded the HM King's Medal of Merit in gold for socially beneficial activities.
During the forced evacuation in 1944-45, the family lived in Trondheim. When they returned after the evacuation, there were many rumors that Havnnes had also been burned, but it turned out not to be true. On the door when they returned, they found a poster that read, “Worth protecting! Do not burn ». The poster can be found today at Havnnes.

His eldest son, Johannes Holmboe Giæver, b 1913, became co-owner of the company in 1937 and sole owner from 1956. His abilities as a businessman were early seized. The fishing industry and banking probably took most of his skills and time, but his interests were also all-inclusive. In 1982 he was appointed knight of St. Olav's Order for Social Benefit. He was married to Gunvor Rønning, b 1916 in Trondheim. The family moved to Tromsø in 1960.

Of the family's 5 children, the youngest of the sons, Einar Giæver, b. 1945, settled on Havnnes. From 1969 he was manager of the company Johs. H. Giæver, in 1974 he became co-owner and in 1979 sole owner. After schooling, Statens Lærebruk in Vardø, courses and professional practice in fisheries manufacturing, he runs from Havnnes an extensive business with production and export of fish products, then mainly dryfish. Apart from Havnnes, the company has a number of uses in Finnmark, Troms and Nordland.

His son, Thorvald Havnnes Giæver, born 1968, has taken over as general manager of the company from 01.01.2000. He has his background from Kystartilleriets Befalsskole, Treider Handelsskole, Eksportmarkedsføring ved Møre og Romsdal Fiskeritekniske Høgskole, PhD candidate in the USA for the Norwegian Export Council, marketing consultant in Italy for Fiskeprodusentenes Fellessalg, employee in Aalesundfisk AS in Ålesund. He has held various positions within Johs. H. Giæver AS and in 1999 he returned to run the company. He has been the general manager since the year 2000.

The sixth generation of Giæver at Havnnes is represented by his four children, Johannes Holmboe Bergfall Giæver, b 4, Christian Havnnes Bergfall Giæver, b 1997, Jens Severin Hallen Bergfall Giæver, b 2002, and Haakon Marinius Holmboe Bergfall Giæver, b 2004.