Dryfish for dog

Dryfish for dogs is also made from naturally dried fish. This contains in the same way as another dryfish just as much protein, B vitamins, iron and calcium. Therefore, we have written on the label that small dogs should not eat more than 1 bite a day and large dogs up to 4 bites.

One should also show caution in the beginning when getting the dog dryfish for the first time. Getting it too much will result in stomach pain. So even though all dogs LOVE dryfish they should not have too much.

After some time of use, the dog will get a great coat and good digestion. The stockfish is also great to use for goodies when the dog has been good.

This fish is packed in a nature-friendly and not least ODOR-free packaging.

The nutrient content of dryfish per 100 g:
Water 15 g
Energy 330 kcal / 1380kj
Protein 79 g
Fett 1,4 g
Calcium 160 mg
Iron 2,5 mg