Stockfish is unsalted fish that is naturally dried by the sun and wind. This is a well-known preservation method that has been in use since the Middle Ages. Incredibly as it sounds, the stockfish is durable for years.

The fish is hung in the period February / March to May. Although there is a danger that the fish will freeze and become fuzzy, it is hung at this time for several reasons. Fos does not meet the demands of the premium quality demanded by the Italians. The fish is hung in winter while there is still snow on the ground under the wheels because the snow protects the fish from flies and other insects. The snow also prevents bacteria in the dry fish.

When the fish comes ashore it can be processed in 2 ways. Either it is washed and blocked before it is hung up, or it is split into 2 in such a way that the back bone is removed and the fish only hangs in the tail root. This fish has many names; raw, rooted and split fish.

In the process from fresh fish to dry fish, only water is removed from the fish, a total of about 70% water. The fish retains the good qualities of the fresh fish, only more concentrated. It contains lots of proteins, B vitamins, iron and calcium.

After the fish is dried and taken down from the heroes, it is quality checked by the dry fish wreckers. Finnmark fish and Lofot fish are sorted according to the same criteria; prime, second and Africa. The main difference is that the Lofot fish is named by market and appearance.

Prima Finnmarken is sorted by weight as follows:
100/200 grams per fish
200/400 grams per fish
400/600 grams per fish
600/800 grams per fish
800 grams per fish and over

The main markets are Italy and Croatia.

Africa qualities are sorted by length:
20 / 40 cm
30 / 50 cm
40 / 50 cm
50 / 60 cm
60 / 70 cm
70 / 90 cm

It is not just cod that are hung up to become dry fish. Other types of fish are also hung, here can be mentioned saithe, bros, haddock and long.

Rounded eggs are sorted by sizes 20/40, 30/50 and 50/70 cm.
Round breasts are sorted by sizes 20/50 and 50/70 cm.
The round elevator is sorted according to the sizes 20/40 and 30/50 cm.